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With over 70 years experience in the Cessna Caravan market and more than 350 Caravans - not to mention other turboprop and jet aircraft sold worldwide - the EastWest Aircraft Sales team has earned a solid reputation throughout the industry.

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Larry Theno

Larry Theno had a 14-year career with Cessna, beginning in 1973, and was there when the Caravan was first designed and put into production. He was a part of the original Cessna team that introduced the Caravan to the aviation community. It was one of the most successful product launches to the aircraft market in decades. Larry and his team sold more than 80 Caravans in that first year alone. He was then involved in setting up the marketing efforts of two of the original Caravan Authorized Sales Representatives (ASR) for the Caravan, first in the central U.S. and later the northwest U.S. where he also set up an in-house Caravan leasing program. Leading the EastWest Aircraft new Caravan efforts in the Northwest US, he was awarded the Franklin-Heath Award for his leadership efforts in helping Island Air purchase a new specially equipped Caravan for the air ambulance company serving the San Juan Islands in Washington state. He also has extensive international sales experience in the Caravan as well as other turbo-prop, jet and piston aircraft.

Jerry Schroer

Jerry Schroer was responsible for initiating and developing the ASR effort in the southeast U.S. In 1991 Todd Duhnke, then Regional Sales Manager for the Caravan, interviewed several aviation sales organizations in the Florida, Georgia, and Alabama area. Jerry wrote and submitted the proposal, which resulted in his company being awarded the ASR for that territory. He then headed up the department responsible for marketing the Caravan. Through his efforts with the Caravan as well as other turbo-prop and jet aircraft, Jerry gained broad experience in domestic and international sales of both new and used aircraft throughout the world. Prior to entering the aviation industry, Jerry owned and operated an advertising agency in Columbus, Ohio, and Naples, Florida. He continues to apply the experience and expertise gained from his almost twenty years in advertising to his marketing efforts in aviation.


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